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Phase 3 : Validation | Troubleshooting And Risk Management

Debugging, Verification and Feasible Solution

Advantech try to deal with customer carrier board design issue even we cannot be there. We are not only have dedicate FAE and hardware engineer to help customers debugging, but also provide a sequential debugging SOP and various debug cards for customer doing self-analysis.


Dedicate FAE and hardware engineer help

  • Phenomenon Duplication
  • Analysis and Verification
  • Solutions and Suggestions

Customer self-analysis/debugging tools

  • Sequential debugging SOP
  • Debug card

BIOS Customization

Advantech is able to provide COM module BIOS customization initializing IC on carrier boards and other special function customization on carrier boards - for example: quick bootup, bootup logo, additional COM ports, option ROM, boot sequence, smart battery charger, console redirection.

Case Study 1 : COM Express® Basic for in-flight Entertainment Display

in-flight enterinment display1

Customer Request

In-flight entertainment displays require regular maintenance to enjoyable flight experiences. Rather than disassembling complete systems, the customer requested the best approach to provide easy maintenance on the plane.


in-flight enterinment display2

During the production stage, board information was already saved in the DMI table. Engineers thus found it easy to access maintenance info in the engineering mode.

Case Study 2 : COM Express® Mini for Network Analysis Tablet

network analysis tablet

Customer Request

A client requested a customized BIOS for smart battery readings and auto detecting a smart battery charger during operation. The design used two battery packs and operated redundantly. During operation, information about the battery, such as battery type, discharge rate, predicted remaining capacity , and temperature, were reported to system through the OS to perform efficient power namagement.



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