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Phase 2 : Design | Schematic Review

Design Documents

Advantech is able to provide plenty of product related information and service for designing carrier boards such as Design check List and Mechanical Drawing. For details please visit the “Download” page of the COM design support website at

  • Schematic & Layout Checklist
  • 2D/3D Mechanical Model
  • User’s Manual
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Application Note

IP Library

Advantech provides our clients with a hardware design library for choosing features such as dual LVDS, TV-out solutions, second Super I/O, and smart battery. Our client reference library makes it simple to implement features on carrier boards, saving overall design and verification efforts.


iManager provides a hardware based and OS independent method to control features like watchdog, hardware monitor, smart fan, and other useful function. It doesn’t consume any processor resource and work properly no matter OS or system status. Advantech also provides API under different OS to setting and control these features. Users don’t need to change their software developed based on these APIs while their model changes.

Review Service

Schematic Check

Advantech design assistance is a review service based on our clients’ carrier board schematic for COM module functions. This service helps to catch design errors before they happen.

Review Items:

  • Expansion: PCI Express, PCI, ISA, LPC
  • I/O: USB3.0/2.0, COM, PS/2 and LPT
  • Display: LVDS/TTL, HDMI/DVI/Displayport, TV-out
  • Storage: SATA, IDE
  • Others: Power, PCS (Power Control Signals), PMS (Power Management Signals), and MISC (Miscellaneous Signals)

Placement/Layout Check

After the schematic review, Advantech provides a placement & layout review on our clients’ carrier boards, with respect to COM module related functions. These reviews provide suggestions for improving signal quality and anticipate possible mechanical conflicts.

Review Items:

  • Trace Length
  • Trace Width
  • Ground Pad
  • Mechanical Conflict

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