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System Design

Thermal Design

Advantech thermal team brings out the optimized thermal design considering simulation results, various materials and different cooling methods. Airflow direction, volume and path efficiency are all taken into account to reduce temperatures inside the system.

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    Thermal Design

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    Thermal Design

Power Design

Advantech has lots of power design experience on a wide variety of industrial products, and is familiar with converter topologies; for example, Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost.

In addition to hardware power design, Advantech has iManager API for smart power management. The protection feature is based on thermal reduction with CPU throttling technology. iManager ‘s “CPU Throttling” intelligently controls CPU core frequency to manage power efficiently.

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HW/SW Integration and Optimization

Advantech’s system design integrates EC/BIOS, O/S and API. HW and SW teams work closely to avoid redundancy and optimize product design. To ensure overall product reliability and stability, Advantech creates strict testing plans to cover the wide range of HW and SW platforms.

In House Antenna Design & Prototyping

Advantech has a dedicated antenna team responsible for antenna design and validation. Antenna design is involved in the early stages, with the ability and equipment to create prototype samples and analyze RF signals to ensure Wi-Fi /3G/LTE quality & performance.

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    PCB & PIFA Antennas

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    Antenna Engraving Machine