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June 1, 2001 Vol.49
New Product  

New Geode™ GX1 SOM 144 System On Module Available Now

Advantech's new SOM-2353 is a super versatile Geode™ GX1-300 MHz System On Module for applications where power consumption, development cost and performance are all important. With an onboard, fanless GX1-300 processor, 64 MB onboard SDRAM, APM, superb expansion capability, and small 2.5" size, the SOM-2353 is an ideal solution for high-end commercial and industrial applications where stability and reliability are essential. Used with the SOM-DB2300 development board or combined with a custom solution board, the SOM-2353 gives a well-rounded platform for developers to speed up their hardware and software integration process, expediting product development and critical time-to-market.

A Strong Platform to Build On

The low power consumption and fanless operation of the SOM-2353, allow this module to control a variety of applications such as POS devices, kiosks, HMI devices, traffic control devices, set top boxes, thin client devices, industrial controllers, navigational instruments (GPS) and building automation. Advantech also offers a Windows CE 3.0 Development Kit that combines a preloaded Windows® CE 3.0 OS in Flash memory along with the SOM-2353 CPU module and development board.

One of Many SOM 144 Solutions

The SOM 144 products have compressed many features usually found on larger control boards into a 2.5" size (68 mm x 100 mm). These plug-in CPU modules are designed to help customers bring their CPU-based embedded products to market fast. Advantech offers our 30 Days Design To Order Service (DTOS™) that guarantees 3 product samples within 30 days of project acceptance. This is a way Advantech is giving our customers a cost-effective and extremely fast way to meet their product and business needs.

Summary of Features and Specifications of the SOM-2353

CPU: Geode™ GX1-300 CPU with 16 MB SDRAM on board
Chipset: NS5530A
RAM memory: 64 MB SDRAM on board
VGA: Supports VGA and VESA, up to 1280 x 1024 @ 8 bpp and 1024 x 768 @ 16 bpp resolution, up to 4 MB shared memory
BIOS: AWARD 256 KB Flash Bios
PCI/IDE/Serial Port/USB/AC97/KB/Mouse (SOM 144/PCI V1.4 at SODIMM socket)
I/O expansion: 3 master PCI bus
Enhanced IDE HDD interface: Up to 2 IDE HDD

Serial ports: Two serial ports (TTL)


Keyboard & PS/2 mouse: Supports standard PC/AT KB/mouse


Two independent USB interfaces (open HCI) compliant

AC97 Codec interface: Specification revision 1.3, 2.0 and 2.1 compliant
VGA/irDA/FDD/Printer/ATX Power/GPIOx4 (SOM 144/PCI V1.3 80 pins 0.5 mm board to board )

2D graphics Accelerator, supports VGA and VESA

Display memory: 1.5 ~ 4 MB shared
FDD/parallel port SPP, ECP and EPP support
Power connector : 2 pins
Operating Temp : 0 to 60° C (32 ~ 140° F)

Ordering Information

These products are available now. To place an order use the following part number information:

SOM-2353-6400-GX1 SOM 144/PCI Module

SOM-2353A-6400-GX1 SOM 144/PCI Module w/LAN/SSD Socket

SOM-DB2300-Development board for SOM 144/PCI

SOM-DK2353-C01-Windows CE 3.0 Development Kits for SOM-2353(A)

Contact Information

For more information about our products, please contact your nearest Advantech representative or look at our website at or send us an e-mail to

Tel: 886-2-2218-4567
Fax: 886-2-2218-3875
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   New Geode™ GX1 SOM 144 System On Module Available Now

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