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Intelligent Operator Panels : WebOP Series
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Car Wash Control System

WebOP-2080V : 8" SVGA Operator Panel with WebOP Designer Software
ADAM-5550KW : 8-slot Programmable Automation Controller
There’re three steps in washing sequence, first pass is Pre-wash which has wetting chemicals to wet dirt and then pass is soap process. Final one is brushing to remove all the dirt off the vehicle surface. The horizontal brush follows the contour of the vehicle. To control above steps and functions, we need a touch operate panel and controller to complete. For this requirement, WebOP-2080V attach to ADAM-5550 controller which provide the perfect combination to optimize users’ systems for long-term use. Advantech would like to have a total solution that combines operator panels with controllers to optimize their systems for long-term use, as this architecture ensures high reliability for critical control tasks and satisfies users in need of high performance solutions for complex control applications.