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Intelligent Operator Panels : WebOP Series
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Q1: What sizes does the WebOP-2000 series come in?
The WebOP-2000 series supports a variety of LCD sizes from 3.5" to 12.1" and are highly suited for applications involving the use of PLCs, motion/thermal controllers, inverters and sensors.
Q2: Can the WebOP-2000 series support Universal Calendars?
Q3: What kind of power does the WebOP-2000 series use?
DC-24 voltage power.
Q4: How many screens can be designed in WebOP Designer?
WebOP Designer can support maximum 7999 screens.
Q5: Does is support multiple languages?
Yes, WebOP Designer can support up to 10 types of languages
Q6: Does the WebOP-2000 series support Ethernet?
Q7: What is the operation temperature range of the WebOP-2000 series?
0 ~ 50° C
Q8: What kind of graphic formats can the WebOP-2000 series support?
Q9: Can the WebOP-2000 series support windows font sizes?
Yes, they can support all windows font sizes.
Q10: Can I disable communication error message charts?
Yes, you can disable communication error message chart.
Q11: Can the same project download to different WebOP-2000 series products?
Yes, WebOP Designer supports the transference of different types of projects to all size products.
Q12: Can the WebOP-2000 series connect with different PLCs simultaneously?
Yes, they provide 2 communication ports (8” and larger sizes support 4 communication ports).
Q13: How many types of communication links for the panel application to access the data of external devices?
These products support different types of communication links. The following describes the types of communication links that the panel application can have.
-Direct Link
A direct link connects the panel and the specified device or devices directly.
-Indirect Link
With an indirect link, the panel can talk with a device that is not connected to it. An indirect link connects the panel and the specified indirect link server. The indirect link server is the target panel of another panel application of the same project and connects to the specified device directly.
Q14: Can I set up passwords to protect my project? How?
Yes, you can set up passwords to protect your project in WebOP Designer. In “Project Manager” region you can see your project name.
Q15: Can I set up an application password for various levels of access?
Yes, designers can setup application passwords for various level employees.