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Outstanding Features of Advantech ThinManager Ready Hardware

The ThinManager Platform greatly increases the value of Advantech thin client hardware by extending the manageability of the end user device. By purchasing ThinManager-Ready Advantech hardware, users will save a tremendous amount of time managing their thin clients all-the-while gaining superior control over how the thin client can be used.

Centralized Client Configuration

ThinManager allows ThinManager Ready thin clients to be configured in a central location instead of individually at each client.

Centralized Management

ThinManager allows the monitoring of the thin client from a central (or remote) location. ThinManager shows what thin clients are operating, what terminal servers they are assigned to, whether they are logged in, and even what applications they are running.

Quick Replacement

ThinManager Ready thin clients can be replaced with a single click of the mouse, with the new unit assuming the old unit’s identity and displaying the old unit's session.


ThinManager Ready thin clients are more reliable due to the lack of a hard drive or other moving parts and can be replaced with a single click, while a PC or fat client requires hours of installation and configuration.

E-Mail Event Notification

ThinManager can be configured to send e-mails or a local message to a designated operator's console when the specified event occurs.

Support for both RDP and ICA

ThinManager Ready thin clients can use the native Microsoft RDP protocol or the Citrix ICA protocol to communicate with the Terminal Servers.

Remote Management

ThinManager provides the ability to control and manage thin clients from any location while letting you monitor its status, change configurations, reboot the thin client, disable or enable the thin client, or shadow the thin client from a central location. You can connect and manage a remote ThinManager and thin clients from a local ThinManager if you have the right credentials.

MultiMonitor (Multiple Monitor Support)

Select Advantech ThinManager Ready thin clients are available with multiple video ports, allowing up to five monitors to be connected to one thin client. These monitors can run individual sessions or can be configured to merge into double-wide and triple-wide sessions.

Touchscreen Support

ThinManager provides touch screen support by simply adding a touch screen module to the configuration. There are currently 18 serial touch screens and a universal USB touch screen module