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Evaluation Board for MIO-3260
48-bit LVDS or DisplayPort1 , 2 x USB 2.0
3 x Intel® Gigabit Ethernet
4 x RS232/422/485, 2 x RS422/485, 8-bit GPIO
2 x GbE, HDMI, Mini PCIe, SIM holder, speaker out, LPC, 2 x USB 2.0
In general, the development of application solution is a time-consuming process; but with MI/O Extension in place, developers can focus on software and hardware integration to save development time and cost. Solution providers and integrators alike can quickly preempt their targeted markets by using the MI/O Extension platform as the core to pair with a variety of I/O modules. Furthermore, MI/O Extension comes with value-added software services iManager & SUSIAccess to provide intelligent self-management and remote acess function that enhances system reliability.
arr Intelligent iManager
MI/O Extension supports other add-on value functions through Advantech's unique iManager suite which combines hardware, software and firmware technologies together. iManager is an intelligent self-management cross platform tool that monitors system status for problems and reacts to take action if something is not normal. In MI/O Extension, iManager provides a bootup guarantee in critical low temperature environments so a system can automatically recovery when voltages dip. iManager makes the whole system more reliable and intelligent.
Advanced Watchdog
dot Multi-Level
dot Programmable
Hardware Monitoring
dot Voltage
dot Temperature
dot Fan speed
Multi-control Interface
dot I2C
dot SMBus
dot GPIO
Power Saving
dot Deep Sleep
Unified S/W API/ Utility
dot Smart Fan
dot Smart Battery
Data Security Area
dot 64 Bytes for Customer Data
dot 8 Bytes key
Board Information
dot Boot Record
dot Running Hours
dot Board Data
Brightness Control
dot Brightness Control
arr SUSIAccess for Remote Device Management
SUSIAccess is an application for System Integrators (SI) that centralizes monitoring and managing of remote embedded devices in real-time. SUSIAccess is designed to be cloud-based and provide on-demand software services so SIs can automatically download and upgrade applications as needed. By providing a ready-to-use remote access solution, SIs can focus more on their own applications, and let SUSIAccess configure the system, monitor their devices’ health, and recover any systems. Learn more
SUSIAccess Features:
Intuitive GUI   Reliable Operation   Centralized Management
User-friendly design means customers can execute remote management applications more easily and quickly.
  Highly effective system recovery and protection program that assures remote device reliability.

Deploy, upgrade and maintain Apps to remote devices through a simple friendly management interface.