UNO, Let the Machines Communicate!

4 Key Features for
Industrial IoT Operations

Advantech's UNO systems are equipped with rugged components and intelligent features that provide the durability to withstand operation in harsh industrial environments. The modularized design allows for flexible configuration and long-term expansion, making UNO systems ideal industrial computing solutions for smart factory operations.

Flexible Upgrades
According to Usage Needs

Modularized Design
for Rapid Customization

The innovative modular design of Advantech's UNO series offers increased flexibility and easy customization in order to rapidly respond to market demands. This modularization also enables cost-effective equipment upgrades for long-term solutions and truly future-proof infrastructure.


Digitalization for Enhanced Operations

UNO Edge Computing with Cloud-Based Applications

Let the Machines
Speak and Learn

Achieve Asset Optimization
with Edge Intelligence Service

Advantech's Edge Intelligence Service (EIS) accelerates IoT implementation by providing integrated solutions that enable machine communication for real-time data collection and cloud-based analysis. With support for comprehensive asset monitoring and management, Edge Intelligence Service also enhances machine intelligence and facilitates automation for increased operational efficiency.

* Note: This offering is coming soon.

  • Protocol integration

    • Modbus
    • OPC/UA
    • MQTT
    • SNMP
    • ODBC
  • Visualization dashboards

    • Network monitoring
    • Voltage monitoring
    • UPS monitoring
    • Temperature monitoring
  • Time synchronization

    • IEEE-1588
  • Reduce operational downtime

    • Fastboot setup
    • Reliable watchdog
  • Real-time asset management

    • Alarm management
    • Configuration settings
  • System

    • Single-key recovery
    • EWF/FBWF
Gain Business Insights with Cloud-Based Analytics
Integrated Cloud-Enabled SDK for Industrial IoT Applications

The following software platforms complement Advantech's intelligent hardware solutions by enabling edge computing, cloud-based big data analytics, and machine learning, as well as numerous other IIoT functions, for diverse enterprises with multi-site operations.

* Note: This offering is coiming soon.

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