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Computer On Modules
TMS320TCI6614 Evaluation Modules
TMDXEVM6614LXE - TMS320TCI6614 Evaluation Module
The TMS320TCI6614 Evaluation Module (EVM), or TMDXEVM6614LXE, is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient development tool that is designed to help developers quickly get started with designs using the C6614 multicore DSP. It includes an on-board, single C6614 processor with robust connectivity options specifically SFP connectors on the Antenna Interface to enable direct connections to other platforms for small cell applications.

The software accompanying the C6614 EVM includes the Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment version 5.1 (CCS v5.1), and the Small Cell Multicore Software Development Kit (SC-MCSDK) that includes the Board Support Package (BSP), Chip Support Library (CSL), Power On Self Test (POST), Network Development Kit (NDK), SYSBIOS, and Out of Box (OOB) Demonstration software.

TMDXEVM6614LXE - TMS320TCI661 Evaluation Module with XDS560V2 Emulation The TMS320TCI661 EVM comes with XDS560V2 onboard emulation capability. The included XDS560 mezzanine card uses the TI 60-pin JTAG emulation header.

NOTE: The TMDXEVM6614LXE is expected to be available sometime in 1Q2012. Please sign up to be notified when it is released for order

TMS320TCI6614, TMDXEVM6614LXE all feature

 Hardware Features  Software Features  Kit Contents
Single TMS320TCI6614 multi-core processor
128 MB Nand Flash
One 10/100/1000 Ethernet Jack on board
Optical SFP Connectors to Antenna Interface
User programmable LEDs and DIP SWs
60-pin JTAG emulator header
Embedded JTAG emulation with USB Host interface
Board-specific Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment
Simple setup
u-boot boot loader for loading and running Linux kernel.
• Support NAND and TFTP boot.for Linux kernel
• UBI/UBIFS. Can be used to boot Linux Kernel from the NAND flash UBI volume
Device Tree. Boot with device tree blob saved in the UBI volume or TFTP from a TFTP server.
ILinux Kernel 3.x with following features:
• Drivers - Ethernet, I2C, SPI, NAND Flash, SPI NOR Flash, I2C EEPROM, UART, GPIO and KeyStone drivers such as CPSW, HWQueue subsystem and driver for QMSS, Virtual Ethernet support, DMA-Engine slave driver for Packet DMA, HWQueue, DMA-Engine, NetCP and Remote Proc,
• UBI/UBIFS – For NAND flash filesystem. Also support NFS root filesystem.
• Device tree support for customizing KeyStone Linux drivers.
• Multicore boot – Remote Proc driver to boot the DSP from ARM.using shared memory.
PDK. Resource Manager LLD - QMSS, CPPI, and PA LLD resource management, Trace Instrumentation Framework added (UIA producer library, consumer library and Bare metal Ethernet Transport library)
TMS320TCI6614 Evaluation Module
On-board XDS560v2 Emulator
USB cable for Mezzanine JTAG emulation (XDS560v2)
Ethernet cable
RS-232 serial cable
Software (DVD) and documentation
International Power adapter and power cord

TMS320TCI6614, TMDXEVM6614LXE HW and SW Revision Matrix

 EVM  Revision SN Range  Ship Date  PCB Rev
 MMC  (MSP430)
Alpha2 - Rev 2.0 - Feb-12 A101 v0002 SC-MCSDK
Note: FPGA code for Rev 2.0 is updated to v0004 and is available in "Support & Download "
Beta1 - Rev 3.0 EPE0018199
Mar-12 A102 v0003 SC-MCSDK
Note: FPGA code for Rev 3.0 is updated to v0004 and please go to "Support & Download " to get updated
Beta2 - Rev 3A TBD Apr-12 A102 v0004 SC-MCSDK