Just as white-box switches have transcended the traditional top-of-rack business model for customers demanding greater service flexibility and easier provisioning, enterprise customers are demanding more flexible, open, and cloud-based WAN technologies.

Enterprise services offered by Communication Service Providers (CSP) have traditionally required the installation of multiple hardware appliances at the customer site in order to deliver mainstream functions such as routing, firewall and VPN. The customer premise equipment or CPE used to accomplish this is typically deployed on proprietary or specialized WAN technology with dedicated appliances used to implement different network functions. In addition, WAN traffic generally flows over expensive, dedicated E1/T1 lines using MPLS technology and the CSP provides the management systems that are required to operate and maintain the network.

This approach has the benefits of guaranteeing enterprise customers with reliable network services and helps to ensure that service level agreements can be met. On the flip side, it offers little flexibility for businesses who require more capacity or additional services as it lacks the agility needed to quickly respond to new business opportunities. Time to revenue ultimately suffers as CSPs struggle to provision new services, which in turn slows the innovation cycle and delays growth.

These challenges can now be overcome thanks to Network Function Virtualization (NFV) elasticity which allows network services to be moved around different locations in the network, both at the service provider edge and on the customer premises. Specialized appliances are no longer required, as network functions like routers and firewalls become virtual network functions (VNFs) and can run on open networking platforms based on Intel® architecture in the cloud as well as at the branch office. While physical service functions require a truck roll to deploy a new service, NFV provides the ability to bring virtualized service network functions to managed network service customers much faster.

The Appliance Advantage

Although standard IT servers may be considered for deployment as uCPE devices on the customer premises, white box appliances offer a reduced CAPEX alternative for deployment in volume. Advantech’s uCPE offering embraces CSP disaggregation strategies through NFV and enables a more cost effective separation of hardware and software in the provisioning of zero-touch appliances installed at customer branch offices.

The Right box for Volume Deployment Today

Advantech’s open white-box uCPE designs, using standard Intel processors in feature-flexible appliances, provide the range of bare-metal server platforms needed by CSPs and system integrators to transform conventional deployment models in the enterprise WAN. Advantech’s white box uCPE range covers a broad set of configurations and price points:

The FWA-T011 , FWA-1010VC and FWA-1012VC offer a broad white-box choice at the entry level, scaling from 2 to 16 cores and spanning from Intel® Celeron® Processor N3350 to Intel® Atom™ C2000 and C3000 processors. Encryption and compression acceleration are supported using Intel® QuickAssist on both of the Intel® Atom™ based platforms, with DPDK providing the technology needed to accelerate packet handling by up to 10x.  

FWA-T011 Front FWA-T011 Rear

The FWA-T011 targets more cost-sensitive high volume deployment, particularly at locations such as points of sale, where only a combined firewall and slim SD-WAN function is typically required to ensure secure cloud connectivity. With 2 and 4-core options, four gigabit Ethernet ports built in, plus WiFi and LTE available as build options, the FWA-T011 offers the flexibility to cover the most challenging deployment needs in its category.

FWA-1010VC table top appliance is based on the Intel® Atom™ Processor C2000 system-on-chip formerly codenamed ‘Rangeley’. DPDK and Intel® QuickAssist provide the technology needed for accelerated packet handling as well as encryption and compression offload. Ranging from 2 to 8 cores the two platforms offer 500 to 1500Mbps of IPSec encrypted traffic throughput, depending on their configuration. These platforms target entry-level to mid-range uCPE deployment.




The upper tier of the entry-level range is covered by the FWA-1012VC, offering once again a choice of desktop and rackmount configurations. The FWA-1012VC is designed for processors with up to sixteen cores. It supports flexible RAM capacities with ECC, multiple SSD drives via SATA and/or M.2 interfaces for reliability and higher levels of availability, and a wide range of integrated gigabit Ethernet and 10GbE Ethernet ports with both copper and optical SFP connections depending on model.

The FWA-1012VC offers an optional integrated Wi-Fi access point and 4G/LTE connectivity. The 4G/LTE option can provide failover protection for the primary WAN connections and can also be used for higher bandwidth bonding with the wireline WAN ports. In addition, it offers optional dual SIM capability for active/standby and an optional cost saving PoE module that can power two IEEE PoE+ (25.5W) ports without the need for a PoE+ switch. All models include an optional trusted platform module (TPM) that acts as the root of trust for security certificates.


FWA-1012VC Front FWA-1012VC Rear


Scaling up with Intel® Xeon® Platforms

Service providers can scale their uCPE deployments with Advantech’s FWA-3260, FWA-3050 and FWA-5070 whitebox appliances based on Intel® Xeon® Processors. This range of versatile 1U rackmount platforms offers flexible WAN connectivity supporting multiple site-to-site communication protocols, broadband internet and 4G LTE through field-replaceable expansions. They can be configured to meet any enterprise needs thanks to Advantech Network Mezzanine Cards (NMC) that can be populated with a choice of 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE or 40GbE interfaces. Integrated Intel® QuickAssist Technology accelerates execution of crypto algorithms including IPSec without burdening the CPU. As a result, secure branch connectivity including end-to-end encryption can be provided without compromising VNF performance or increasing cost. Additional IPsec acceleration and offload can be added by leveraging Advantech PCIE-3020 Intel® QuickAssist PCIe adapter. The three platforms have been designed for high-availability networks with integrated fail-safe redundancy and advanced remote security and management features that minimize system down time.

Advantech's FWA-3260 is a server class 1U- rackmount compute and network appliance based on the Intel® Xeon® Processor D with up to 16 cores and up to 128GB of memory ensuring that the right performance level can be matched to the workload at hand.




The FWA-3050, an Intel Select Solution for uCPE based on the Intel® Xeon® D-2100 processor, further scales up whitebox uCPE choice and provides the extra throughput, VNF onboarding and processing headroom that integrators and communication service providers need to efficiently address increasing on-premise workloads.




At the high end, the FWA-5070 network appliance integrates one CPU socket to host Intel® Xeon® Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Processors supporting up to 384GB of memory to meet the performance needs of the most demanding uCPE deployments.




Branding, Customization & Logistics

Advantech’s white-boxes are OEM-Ready with customization and branding options available including chassis color, logo and front bezel design.

Advantech integration centers around the world, extended by those of certified system integration partners, propose extensive integration and test services prior to packaging and labelling.
Integrated ERP and SAP supply chain solutions, coupled with Advantech’s worldwide logistics network offers a flexible delivery model to meet specific needs and budget in order to simplify logistics as well as timely delivery and service to customers.

Enhanced Platform Management

Advantech’s networking platforms have been specifically designed to run high-availability telecommunication services and minimize costly downtime. Advantech’s Advanced Platform Management provides all required IPMI v2.0 Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) functionality and also additional features that allow local and remote users to early detect system degradation, avoid system interruption and shorten mean time to repair.


Ecosystem & Partnerships
For NFV and uCPE to work, an ecosystem of vendors is required to virtualize network functions like routers, firewalls, load balancers, WAN optimization controllers and more. Operating system vendors and orchestration experts need to come together to provide the tested and interoperable building blocks needed for technologies like uCPE and SD-WAN to enable the new IP infrastructure. That is why Advantech is working closely with the key uCPE vendors, with several hardware and software bundles now available for evaluation test and the gratification of numerous CSP trials underway in live networks. Bookmark this landing page and monitor the uCPE platform evolution that will enable much greater service agility and lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Advantech uCPE and SD-WAN White-box Partnerships
6WIND ADVA Ensemble
vRouter demonstration with Advantch and Cloudify ADVA Ensemble and Advantech Strengthen Universal CPE Partnership
ENEA Kapsch CarrierCom
Enea and Advantech Announce Partnership to Advance Lightweight NFVI Platforms for uCPE/SD-WAN Kapsch CarrierCom selects Advantech’s Intel-powered White
box Servers for uCPE
RAD Telco Systems
RAD and Advantech Redefine the Universal CPE White Box Telco Systems and Advantech Partner on Open vCPE Portfolio
for SMB Segment
Versa Networks Wind River
Advantech and Versa Networks Partner to Deliver NFV-Based Hardware and Software Solution for SD-WAN and SD-Security Advantech Enhances Remote Evaluation Service for online uCPE White-box Testing with Wind River NFV Platform


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