Accelerating Video Innovation

Portable Solutions for the Most Challenging Scenarios

Live is an important driving force of today's video-centric networks. Reduced power and size, or easiness of deployment are some of the features that differentiate field solutions from those in central studios. The Advantech VEGA-2000 Series are small form factor video capture, encoding, and streaming modules that extend HEVC bandwidth reduction benefits to portable video solutions. They support up to 4Kp60 video acquisition, real-time AVC or HEVC encoding, and compressed video streaming over wireless 3G/4G or Wi-Fi networks. The VEGA-2000 series rich feature set comes in an ultra-compact format with ultra-low power consumption that can be integrated into lightweight acquisition and contribution solutions for global video coverage even in the most challenging scenarios. Modules can be managed and configured using a web-based CGI interface.


  • Stream Pack for Emergency News Gathering
    Featured Product
    VEGA-2000M (Module)

    When a natural disaster happens, the emergency operation center needs to control the situation and react quickly to events. Rescuers in the field can transmit real-time video compressed by VEGA-2000M back to the emergency operation center via LTE. The VEGA-2000M is small and low power, suitable for portable use, and can dynamically adjust video quality according to the network connectivity, so that the videos can be transmitted at the best quality possible in the circumstances.

  • 2016 Taiwan Presidential Election Broadcasting
    Featured Product
    VEGA-2000M (System)

    During national elections, TV stations often need to deploy a great number of reporters at locations around the country for live reporting. Featuring low power consumption and compact size, the VEGA-2000M can be installed on or close to a video camera. Videos are encoded and sent to TV stations for further distribution via 4G networks, while HEVC encoding substantially reduces the cost and effort of SNG vehicle deployment.

  • Table Tennis Live Streaming in China
    Featured Product

    Sport event broadcasting requires high frame rates to capture high-speed dynamic images. During this live table tennis event broadcasting, failing to capture and encode the high-speed movement of table tennis balls will cause audiences miss the details of the game. VEGA-2000 supports high quality image compression to avoid the loss of frame and so improve the broadcasting quality.

  • 3D Medical Video Capture and Record
    Featured Product

    Increasingly, many medical procedures are benefitting from video technologies. Here the VEGA-2002 4K UHD real-time encoding module collects the high resolution HD images from the two custom cameras used to create 3D images, makes a 4K composite, and compresses and streams the result so surgeons can view and review the complex operation for better overall results.

  • Remote Driving
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    A remote driving system enables a vehicle to be operated remotely using real-time video feedback from cameras. This allows drivers to conduct field tasks such as prospecting, search and rescue safely in harsh environment. The key to success here is encoding the video at the remote site with very low latency and supporting some custom streaming protocols, and the VEGA-2002 makes this possible!

  • Interactive Sports with AR/VR
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    There is growing interest in supporting next generation entertainment via 5G to realize real-time interactive AR/VR sports services in Japan. Sport fans can enjoy games with high-tech viewing experience such as panoramic camera angles, real-time stats, and on-demand replays – whenever you miss a shot. VEGA-2002 can provide sharp, low latency UHD/4K streams to power these new services.

Advantech Live Streaming Modules

  • VEGA-2000

    HD Video Capture & Encode Module

  • VEGA-2000M

    HD Video Capture & Encode Module

  • VEGA-2002

    HD Video Capture & Encode Module


  • Professional Live Streaming for Social Media

    While TV time continues to decline, time spent on social media is steadily growing with Americans now spending an average of 5:30 hours a week on social platforms and the rest of the world quickly catching up. Video is driving this growth and companies like Facebook, YouTube or Snaptchat are strenuously promoting live video tools such as live streaming or 360-degree video, channels which are increasingly being leveraged by media professionals to engage with all kinds of audiences and drive attention or revenue streams.

  • Accelerating Smooth 4K Live Streaming Solution for Remote Production (REMI)

    4K/UHD broadcasting is increasing rapidly especially for sports and other live events. To provide a better service and improved experience for their sport fans, many broadcasters are looking to update their on-site production and streaming facilities. Others are turning to a new paradigm, that of Remote Production (REMI), a trend sure to be accelerated by the rollout of 5G mobile networks.

  • Endoscopic Surgery Image Encoding, Storage, and Streaming

    Endoscopic surgery is a mature and minimally invasive surgery used widely in today’s smart hospitals with clinical applications being expanded and intensified. Both doctors and patients can benefit from the endoscopic surgery. For example, the doctor only needs a catheter to see the patient’s lesions. Also, the patient can choose minimally invasive surgery instead of traditional operations which can shorten patient recovery times.

  • VEGA Video Solutions

    Advantech’s broad portfolio of application-ready video platforms and easy-to-integrate PCI Express cards helps OEMs address the challenges of high resolution video processing and transport in a cost efficient manner. These low power, open architecture solutions bring great scalability and flexibility to a wide range of video applications in the broadcasting, telecom, medical and security industries.