Advantech Puts a Unique Twist on New Technology Evaluation
Test-driving cutting-edge networking gear based on the latest processors with acceleration and high performance I/O has never been easier.

Live NFV Portals

One of the prime objectives of Advantech’s Remote Evaluation Service (RES) is to allow developers to test performance and functionality of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) running on environments powered by middleware from our software partners. Various partner portals are accessible through RES and can be used by service providers, integrators and partners to rapidly validate VNFs across a broad range of Advantech networking platforms.

6WIND NFV Test-Drive Portal

The 6WIND NFV Portal allows developers, integrators and operators to test performance and functionality of VNFs running on an OpenStack environment accelerated by 6WIND Software. Users can test drive VNFs on a non-accelerated environment and evaluate the competitive advantages of 6WIND’s acceleration by leveraging 6WIND Virtual Accelerator and Turbo Appliances.

Follow the link below to learn more about the 6WIND NFV Test-Drive Portal.

FlexiWAN SD-WAN & Enea NFVI Test-Drive Portal

The SD-WAN Test-Drive Portal allows you to test performance and functionality of SD-WAN solutions based on flexiWAN open source software, Enea NFVI platform and Advantech uCPE white boxes. It provides service providers and integrators with an easy-to-use framework to validate different SD-WAN configurations and evaluate critical aspects such as scalability, security, usability and openness.

Intel Select Solutions Test-Drive Portal

Intel Select Solutions for NFVI address the complexity that CoSPs face in choosing the right infrastructure for NFV by providing a verified hardware and software stack. They enable a fast path for CoSPs to efficiently deploy NFVI and achieve reliable, more secure, and workload-optimized deterministic performance on a balanced platform. The Advantech FWA-6170 and SKY-8201 are verified Intel Select Solutions for NFVI that provide developers faster access to workload-optimized and stable platforms to accelerate development of optimized NFV Solutions. Available for benchmarking in RES, CoSPs can ultilize these platforms to conduct testing and modeling of solutions that will define next-generation services.