Advantech SKY-8000
High-Performance Servers
Your System Partner for Fully Integrated Carrier-Grade & Optimized I/O Servers
Advantech Networks & Communications Group is driving innovation in next-generation network solutions with their High Performance Servers. We provide business critical hardware to the world's leading telecom and networking equipment manufacturers with both standard and customized products. Our High Performance Servers are highly configurable platforms designed to balance the best in x86 server-class processing performance with maximum I/O and offload density. The systems are cost effective, highly available and optimized to meet next generation networking and media processing needs.
Carrier Grade Servers
  1. Integration of compute, offload and I/O
  2. NEBS ready: +55°C, Air filter, Acoustic noise
  3. 20"compact system design
  4. AC & DC Support
  5. Telco Alarm Support
  6. CPU and PCIe card limitations apply
Optimized I/O Servers
  1. Integration of compute, offload and IO
  2. Higher performance ingredients
  3. High TDP CPUs & PCIe
  4. No air filter and higher RPM fans
  5. 20"compact system design
  6. AC PSU only
Common platform design features
  1. Carrier-Grade BIOS and FW
  2. Serviceability
  3. Balanced PCIe IO, gen.3 capable
  4. Reliability and Availability
  5. Advanced Thermal Design
  6. Industrial life cycle & change management