Advantech Puts a Unique Twist on New Technology Evaluation
Test-driving cutting-edge networking gear based on the latest processors with acceleration and high performance I/O has never been easier.


“In the transition to NFV and virtual networking environments, telecom operators, integrators and application vendors can benefit from Advantech’s Remote Evaluation Service to help solve performance challenges faster and deploy the best solutions to meet fast-evolving needs. Our NFV portal in Advantech’s lab allows users to test 6WIND’s Turbo Appliances and third party VNFs on top of 6WIND Virtual Accelerator managed by OpenStack for rapid performance evaluation.”
Eric Carmès, Founder and CEO of 6WIND.
Wind River
By connecting to Titanium Server CPE on the Advantech RES portal, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) will be able to test Carrier Grade uptime for virtual Business CPE (vBCPE) services. When business uptime cannot be compromised CSPs can deploy cost-sensitive NFV applications such as a virtual Business CPE on two servers. Each server runs all the compute, control and storage functions, while delivering best-in-class VNF performance to maximize the number of users supported per server and thereby also maximize OPEX savings. This also enables them to minimize any revenue impact resulting from Service Level Agreement (SLA) penalties triggered by service downtime.
"“As NFV advances, our RES lab is steadily growing in size and capacity”, said Paul Stevens, Marketing Director, Advantech Networks & Communications Group. ”We expect the new Wind River portal to become a valuable asset for CSPs developing vE-CPE SLAs, enabling them to verify the impact of different hardware configurations and virtualization options on VNF performance.”
"“By working across the ecosystem with leaders like Advantech, we’re able to provide CSPs with an enterprise-class vCPE solution,running on an NFVI platform that ensures the demanding carrier grade reliability, security and performance required for their industry needs,” said Charlie Ashton, senior director of business development for networking solutions, Wind River."
Polaris Networks
Polaris Networks is a leading provider of LTE EPC software solutions for Public Safety, Rural Operators and DefenseProjects worldwide.  Polaris's NetEPC™ is a compact EPC-in-a-box solution (EPC Lite) which combines all the key elements of the EPC packet core – the MME, the SGW and the PGW along with the HSS, PCRF, OCS and OFCS into a single platform.
"We originally developed NetEPC™ on a standard server and ported it to MicroTCA in our labs, but a vital step for Polaris was to prove its capabilities on a NEBS-ready carrier grade ATCA Platform" said Aditya Saraf, VP, Sales and Marketing, Polaris Networks. "When Advantech offered us the opportunity to accesstheir networklab toattempt a remote port on a Netarium™-2 AdvancedTCA platform, we seized the occasion. From outset to finish took us all of three days with minimal but efficient R&D team collaboration and allowed us to commence earlier trials with customers once full system and regression tests were complete."