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  • White Papers
  • Blacklisting vs. Whitelisting: Choosing the best solution for IoT devices

    Whitelisting and Blacklisting are not mutually exclusive. Despite this, users can’t always adopt both at the same time. Users may need to decide which option can best complement their security strategy.
  • Making Digital transformation Easier for Traditional Manufacturers

    Making Digital transformation Easier for Traditional Manufacturers
  • DeviceOn/SQ Manager Playbook

    Are you looking forward to a smarter way to monitor all your devices? Too difficult to select the most compatible industrial SSD & Memory solution? Here is a clear guidebook to understand how to enable the intelligent 24/7 monitoring and security management of SQFlash and SQRAM. DOWNLOAD to discover a better industrial SSD & Memory solution.
  • Advantech's Edge Intelligence Solutions Power AIoT Industrial Application Development

    Information and communications technology has changed several times over the last few decades—from client-server, web based, to cloud computing, and recently the trend has shifted towards edge computing.Edge computing allows industrial customers to use virtualization technologies that makes it easier to deploy and run a wider range of application.
  • Architect Your Edge Cloud Solution: Kubernetes Containerized or Windows Server Management

    Today, many varieties of intelligent applications are implemented on cloud platforms which help enterprises improve productivity and flexibility. Many companies have chosen to use public clouds out of cost considerations. But enterprises in certain industries have deeper concerns deeper concerns over data sensitivity and site restrictions.
  • SQRAM Thermal Solution for Extreme Temperature Environments

    Memory temperature is usually going to be much higher than other components. Overheating memory may negatively affect system performance or even cause downtime. Therefore, it’s important to improve DRAM heat dissipation as well as to monitor its operating temperature to avoid overheating issues.
  • Quick Guide to DRAM by SQRAM

    Find out what you need to know when choosing memory modules for IoT applications.
  • SQFlash Data Security Functions

    Advantech SQFlash has developed many features for data security software on storage devices such as Write Protect, Security ID, Flash Vault, Flash lock, and Quick Erase. These functions can be set through hardware configuration or software settings with a user-friendly interface for data security enhancement.
  • 3D NAND Flash with Advanced ECC Technology for Industrial Application

    The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of NAND flash management technology. The first section gives a brief overview of NAND flash types. The later sections introduce how Advantech SQFlash NAND flash management technology enhances storage devices to meet the demands for high capacity, high performance,and industrial grade reliability.
  • SQFlash Intelligent SSD Self-Management

    To reduce the risk of data corruption/loss and ensure data access, Advantech developed its SQFlash Utility and WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn platform to help customers implement S.M.A.R.T. specifications, predict product lifespans, and remotely monitor system status in real-time using a simple graphical user interface.
  • NAND Flash Management Technology for Performance Enhancement

    With the evolution of NAND flash process technology, from SLC to 3D NAND flash BiCS 3, the unit storage density has grown rapidly but the performance, reliability, and endurance have decreased. It is important to develop controller firmware to manage NAND flash to improve the performance of NAND flash storage devices.
  • COM Server Grade WhitepaperServer-Grade Performance Computer-on-Modules:COM Express Based on Intel® Xeon® Solution

    Server-Grade Performance Computer-on-Modules:COM Express Based on Intel® Xeon® Solution