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Industrial ARM-based Starter Kit- 10-minute Startup for Your ARM Project

Date: 4/22/2016 12:00:00 AM

Designed to assist developers get up and running quickly on ARM-based platforms and applications. Advantech Industrial ARM starter kit is a complete package that includes the basic components necessary to quickly start development on ARM architectures. We've built a streamlined evaluation process with follow-up design-in services for you.

Verified hardware and software for immediate start 

We provide you with a complete hardware platform for function and performance evaluation. This includes everything you need: main board, cables, power adapter, LED panel and SD card. And we have a built-in a Linux OS for your quick evaluation, if you are not familiar with Linux in console mode, we have an Ubuntu OS image online for download. Wealso have Android support as well so you can easily keep ahead of the trends in ARM-based application development. You can use the SD card included in your starter kit and put the image on that.

Watch the tutorial video online

Advantech Industrial ARM-based Starter Kit Selection

Rugged 3.5" SBC AM3352 Starter Kit Rugged RTX i.MX6 Starter Kit Mobility Qseven i.MX6 Starter Kit
RSB-DK4220 ROM-DK3420 ROM-DK7420