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Case Study
2022/01/17 Ørsted Adopts Advantech’s AMiS-22 Telehealth Suitcase to Enable Remote Healthcare on Offshore Wind Farms
2021/11/25 Strategic Cooperation Between Advantech, Intel, and Dones Yields iWard Solution for Smart Hospitals
Advantech, Intel, and Dones have established a strategic partnership with Hong Ngoc Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam, to implement smart devices and software at the hospital’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Hong Ngoc Hospital’s digital transforma...
2021/08/05 Telehealth Solutions that Address Healthcare Gaps in Remote Rural Areas
Advantech is actively participating in government-sponsored programs aimed at addressing medical resource shortages in remote rural areas by assisting Shimen Health Clinic in New Taipei City with the deployment of telemedicine solutions for improving public health and welfare.
2021/08/02 Helping Non-Profit Organizations Develop Telemedicine for Remote COVID-19 Treatment
In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. healthcare providers are using telemedicine solutions to remotely assess patients. These innovative solutions minimize transmission risks and optimize resource allocation, thereby reducing strain on the healthcare system.
2021/07/01 Advantech Partners with Imprivata to Provide Seamless Healthcare Authentication Solution
2021/06/24 Tobii Dynavox and Advantech Deliver a Cutting-Edge AAC Product
2021/06/24 Advantech WISE-PaaS iBuilding Solution for Smart Building Management Optimizes Hospital Management
2021/06/22 Ramkhamhaeng Hospital Enhances Patient Safety Using Advantech’s eMedication Solution
2021/05/21 Advantech Collaborates with Brandon Medical and Entoli Medical to Improve Operation Room Efficiency and Safety
2021/05/17 Televisual Rehabilitation Program Developed by Advantech and Linari Medical Offers Tremendous Benefits for Patients
2021/04/16 Taipei Veterans General Hospital Collaborates with Advantech to Build a Smart Management Center
2021/04/15 Advantech Assists HMC with Deploying Ergonomic Telemedicine Solution Featuring VSee Telemedicine Software
Advantech helped Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) develop the best medical teleconsultation and point-of-care services in Qatar by combining its AMiS mobile medical carts with the VSee telemedicine software.
2021/04/09 Advantech Assists HMC with Deploying Ergonomic Telemedicine Solution Featuring VSee Telemedicine Software
2021/03/29 RCare Deploys Rapid End-to-End Nurse Call System to Help Fight COVID-19
2021/02/26 Advantech Builds an Ecosystem to Accelerate the Development of Telemedicine Worldwide
2020/11/02 Eye Tracking Enables Innovative Healthcare Solutions
Enhancing patient outcomes, staff wellbeing, and operational security and safety
2020/08/28 Texpro Cooperated with Advantech to Promote Eco-Friendly Manufacturing and Set a New Precedent in Textile Industry
Texpro and Stentex Machinery Technology, a leader in the dyeing and finishing equipment manufacturing industry, has addressed difficulties in the upgrading of dyeing and finishing equipment manufacturing. By cooperating with Advantech, Texpro took the lead in developing an informative, digitalized, ...
2020/08/03 Advantech Partners with Leading AI Imaging Firm on Life-Saving Healthcare Solution
Advantech teamed up with AI healthcare specialist QUIBIM to help deploy its advanced medical imaging and analytics solution in hospitals across Europe currently fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The combination of powerful Advantech hardware with QUIBIM’s sophisticated software helped this Spanish fir...
2020/05/29 Advantech & Brandon Medical Building 4K Integrated OR Solution
As the core of the hospital's surgery, the Operating Theatre has become a key area for leading the hospital's transformation into smart medical treatment. In cooperation with Brandon Medical, Advantech has been dedicated to the total solution of the hospital's smart medical treatment.
2020/03/22 Pharmacy Smart Guidance System with E-paper
Medical center in central Taiwan therefore cooperated with Advantech., developed a smart drug guidance system and introduced Advantech's LEO-D E-paper to make the dispensing process smoother.
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