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Case Study
2020/03/23 Pharmacy Smart Guidance System with E-paper
Medical center in central Taiwan therefore cooperated with Advantech., developed a smart drug guidance system and introduced Advantech's LEO-D E-paper to make the dispensing process smoother.
2020/03/18 Taipei Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare Embrace Data Visualization Infrastructure
Data visualization is crucial to hospital system architectures because hospitals have massive and complicated data to load every day.
2020/03/18 Advantech Co-Creation Builds Intelligent Operating Rooms at the Erasmus Hospital in the Netherlands
Taking advantage of the construction of a new medical facility, the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, introduced the Medical Imaging Management and Transmission Solution co-created by Advantech and its partners – improving the efficiency of their operating rooms, quality of medical services...
2020/03/18 Russian NRCERM Hospital Works with Advantech to Create New-Generation High-Tech Operating Rooms
In order to update all 14 operating rooms, the NRCERM Hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia, decided to adopt the Advantech POC fixed-point care system to automate the medical workstations and medical information.
2020/03/18 Saudi Arabia Transform Their Hospitals to Modernize Patient Medical Experience
The largest private medical group in Saudi Arabia has been actively transforming and modernizing itself in recent years.
2020/03/18 Yee Zen General Hospital Implements Command Center for Full Data Control
The information in medical institutions is massive and complicated; therefore, Yee Zen General Hospital adopts Advantech’s Command Center Intelligent System to create the visualized information system with the concept of IoT, which greatly improves the efficiency of operation management.
2020/03/11 From Vertical to Parallel Integration, the Future Trends are Driven by Data
Advantech has reliable hardware solutions and the reputable brand name, winning the trust of the hospitals. However, you must coordinate engineering with implementation in the construction of smart hospitals. This is where Advantech and FYC can complement each other. Now, FYC provides project and en...
2020/03/11 Intelligent Ward System to Optimize Hospital Workflow
Balancing the efficiency of medical staff with patient safety is an issue of utmost concern. In order to improve the efficiency of medical practice and promote effective communication between doctors, nurses, and patients, the Chung Shan Medical University Hospital has adopted Advantech’s Intelligen...
2019/11/26 Note Taking Evolves at Evelina London Children's Hospital
Hospitals across the world have begun to understand the need for digital transformation, and those that embrace technology/IoT of healthcare will reap the benefits. According to studies, 86% of mistakes made in the healthcare industry are administrative.
2019/03/10 Lossless Video over-IP Solution at the Erasmus University Hospital Rotterdam, The Netherlands
AEU Case Study sharing
2018/05/29 Phoenix Technology Group Partners with Advantech for Support in the Development of a Revolutionary Retinal Imaging Platform
Established in 2007 by Bert Massie, inventor of the first wide-angle, hand-held digital camera for pediatric retinal imaging, Phoenix Technology Group is an imaging solutions provider based in California. As a pioneer of the retinal imaging technology market, with two established product lines targe...
2017/06/27 Advantech’s All-in-One Infotainment Terminal Adopted by Response Care to Provide a Multifunctional Solution for Senior Healthcare
In recent years, as members of the baby boomer generation, defined as people born between 1946 and 1964, begin to reach retirement age in large numbers, countries worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges related to a rapidly aging population. According to a report published by Forbes, in the U....
2017/06/27 Austco Adopts Advantech’s HIT-W121 for IP Nurse Call Solution
Hospital beds in acute-care settings are typically equipped with nurse call buttons, pull cords, or intercoms at the head of the bed to allow patients or bedside caregivers to alert nurses or other remote care staff members of their need for assistance. However, occasionally, due to human negligence...
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