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RMA Service
AMiService Certification Program
AMiService Certification Program allows partners to offer local customers product repair services for AMiS products. The AAMiService Certification Program facilitates a win-win-win situation for customers, partners and Advantech. Through the AARP program, customers get fast service locally, partners gain benefits on business growth, and Advantech wins by increasing customer satisfaction. If you are an Advantech channel partner that sells AMiS products in specific regions and are also interested in becoming an AMiS-certified repair services provider, please contact your local representative for more information about the AARP program.

Benefits from the AMiService Certification Program

Create Service Revenue
Authorized partners can acquire service income in return for repair services offerings, for example, by getting out-of-warranty service from customers.
Increase Customer Contact
Authorized partners are likely to provide repair services to all customers with AMiS products in a specific territory, which would increase interaction so as to facilitate business growth.
Win Customer Satisfaction
Satisfied repair services not only raise the partner’s reputation but also bring new opportunities in the future.
Service Level
Specifications Definition Example
Level 1 Skill
Inspection, diagnosis, adjustment, recovery, upgrade, ....
Test fixtures, test software,
Functionality check, such as: Burn-in test, PC-Check, I/O test, communication test, ...
Level 2 Skill
Key part/module swap, disassembly and assembly, ....
Electrical screw driver
System-level products with or without panels, such as: IPC, ARK, UNO, TPC, PPC, TREK, FPM
Level 3 Skill
Component on PCB swap, soldering, schematic diagram, ....
Soldering iron, BGA rework station, .....
Board-level products, I/O boards or mother boards, such as : PCA, PCM, AIMB, SOM, PCI, CPCI
If you are interested in the AARP (AMiS Authorized Repair Partner) program, the videos below would give you a quick understanding about how we repair AMiS products. Through two-level repair skill classification and corresponding training materials, you will be in a good position to be equipped with required skills for AMiS repair in a short time.
Please login to e-Learning website for more RMA training materials.