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Advantech Medical Computing Enables Digital Healthcare
With 28 years of IT experience in the embedded computer industry, Advantech has successfully led the way with its ePlatform Services and grown into a leading company in the field. In the healthcare sector, Advantech has continuously worked with international medical equipment manufacturers and system integrators, building a core competency in Advantech’s Medical Computing Division to aid hospitals in creating patient-centered healthcare environments and universal digital healthcare platforms.
In recent years, the world’s major hospitals have committed to improving their service quality and efficiency. Advantech has actively developed medical application platforms in support of this commitment so that hospitals might integrate their resources and enhance the overall quality of their services. Advantech offers medical-grade computers that meet the goal of providing real-time care in intensive care units and operating rooms, and it has also developed a series of mobile healthcare platforms to elevate the quality of healthcare processes and reduce medical negligence. Currently, “Advantech Digital Healthcare” has assisted many hospitals in implementing comprehensive hospital information systems that provide complete, real-time medical information. Through Advantech’s help, hospital staff can make quicker and more accurate clinical decisions, as well as gain more time to treat and care for patients.
As part of our mission to “Enable an Intelligent Planet,” Advantech will promote the intelligent upgrade of technology in various industries based on our core competencies in embedded computer design and our vision of an Internet of Things (IoT) era. As we move forward, Advantech will continue to focus on the medical field and will be a key player in promoting the digital healthcare industry.