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Wi-Fi Connection, Multi-Signal Compatibility

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IoT Wireless I/O Modules

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Squeeze a Lot into a Little

All you need for IoT data acquisition

  • Ubiquitous Sensing

    The WISE-4000 is compatible with various data acquisition requirements, such as Digital Input/ Output, Analog Input and Relay Output.

  • Universal Wi-Fi Interface

    The WISE-4000 uses 802.11 b/g/n wireless standards, greatly benefiting set up. The I/O can be accessed directly by mobile devices with a Wi-Fi interface.

  • Cloud Logger Functionality

    Using the RESTful web API data on the WISE-4000 series can be automatically pushed to public cloud services such as Dropbox without protocol translation devices.

  • Flash Memory with 10,000 Data Points

    The WISE-4000 series are equipped with an internal flash memory which saves up to 10,000 data points. With the flash memory, users can fetch the logged data after an unstable wireless signal occurs.

  • Supports RESTful API

    Use web service to acquire data or update output data.

WISE-4000 + Dropbox

The WISE-4000 series is integrated with the Dropbox RESTful web API. The data can be directly sent to a file hosting service provider such as Dropbox, which allows users to get the data anytime and anywhere. Developers can also set the data to be synchronized in between Dropbox and local data storage.

WISE-4000 Design Concept
Data A - P - P

Making Data Acquisition, Data Processing and Data Publishing Altogether in One Single Module

Advantech is devoted into realizing its vision of IoT by enabling countless smart city infrastructure projects. To echo this vision as well as foreseeing the building of larger networks, Advantech aims to eliminate the burden of data transmission, by translating the protocol on the I/O. The concept of Data A-P-P means the three key steps of data Acquisition, data Processing and data Publishing are done within one module, which lowers the complexity of an IoT network.

By using A-P-P, Advantech's WISE-4000 can filter and sort the acquired data thereby reducing the transmission of invalid data. Unlike traditional data acquisition using protocols like Modbus or ASCII etc., the data can now be acquired and posted by RESTful Web API in JSON format which allows synchronization with service providers such as Dropbox who uses RESTful API.

Data Acquisition

Highly Compatible
High compatibility with sensors in different formats and with different I/O channel types and amounts

Robust Protection
The wide operating temperature with isolation protection ensures it can be deployed in even more environments

Easy Installation
New industrial design for quick hardware installation and new interface for module configuration


Data Logging
Data can be logged on WISE-4000 modules with time stamp for up to 10,000 samples

Data Conditioning
Built-in local intelligence includes filtering, scaling and several other several logic rules

Web Configuration
With a HTML web server, all the modules can be accessed for configuration and troubleshooting from any device with a browser


Cloud Access
WISE-4000 can transmit the data to the cloud without using a gateway

RESTful Web Service
With RESTful web service, the I/O module can be seamlessly integrated with IT system

Direct Access
Mobile devices can connect to WISE models via Wi-Fi, without needing any other devices in between