Enabling Smart Factories - The changing manufacturing systems & factory facilities
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Manufacturing factories are getting smarter and smarter. The transformation of productivity technology is evolving from solving visible problems to creating value by using smarter information and utilizing new methods & techniques to solve hitherto undiscovered problems. We’ll see many successful cases and discover great business opportunities behind the transformation.

By attending the 40mins webinar, you will:
‧Learn about the Transformation of Manufacturing Systems
‧Understand the Driving Forces Behind the Transformation
‧Learn about Successful Case Studies
‧Find Potential Business Opportunities
‧Get to know Advantech’s Smart Factory Products
‧Be entered into a prize draw for a Industrial Panel PC
Apr, 2014
10.1" - 10.4" Display 10.1" - 10.4" Display 10.1" - 10.4" Display
FPM-3000G FPM-3000G FPM-3000G