Advantech Intelligent Inspection System (AIIS)
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Advantech has just released the AIIS-1240 & AIIS-1440, new PoE and USB3 camera controllers for vision inspection. AIIS, abbreviated from Advantech Intelligent Inspection System, is Advantech's newest dedicated solution aiming automated optical inspection (AOI), including packaging inspection, label inspection, wafer inspection, alignment inspection, and other applications rely heavily on machine vision. These self-contained PoE and USB3 controllers featured performance computing with Power over Ethernet (PoE)/USB3.0, a rich I/O interface, plus extended product longevity, all in a compact form factor. These PoE boxes use the latest, 3rd generation, Intel® CoreTM processors to deliver improved computing power and graphics performance. Already fully verified and certified, they offer system integrators a no-nonsense solution.
Mar, 2014
AIIS Series AIIS Series AIIS Series, referring to Advantech Intelligent Inspection System, are the produ...
AIIS-1240 AIIS-1240 PoE Control System, Support Intel®
Core™ i7/i5/i3 CPU, 4-CH GbE PoE