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Network and Communications Products
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Advantech's AdvatncedTCA (ATCA) Blades are high bandwidth,100G ATCA switch blade for ATCA system and are designed in unison with the leading silicon suppliers, providing OEMs with the earliest possible access to leading edge technology. The cornerstones of Advantech ATCA product line are the blades designed in our own labs and manufactured on our own production lines. Advantech manages the entire life cycle and control all our costs to give customers the best service at the right price. Our Intel, Cavium and DSP ATCA blades match ATCA System which offers ATCA system integrators and businesses flexible product series to better fit the needs of the specific network element. To deliver an overall ideal architectural solution for ATCA system integrators and businesses, our 100G ATCA switch blade solve your troubles in intensive telecom applications such as data center and wireless access controller.
ATCA Blades
Our x86 Application Blades, NPU, DSP, 40G Switch and RTM blades utilize technology from the leading semiconductor suppliers enabling equipment manufacturers to select the most appropriate platform to build their high-performance applications. We also help our customers to future-proof their technology decisions by basing today’s solutions on technology with headroom and enhancement capabilities built right in to meet tomorrow’s requirements.
Fabric Mezzanine Modules
Advantech’s Fabric Mezzanine Modules (FMM) provide additional flexibility to Advantech ATCA CPU and RTM boards. Additional flexibility can be I/O ports such as 10GE SFP ports, 40g networking, VGAserver type graphics module, PCIe expressed based offload, as well various FI interfaces for ATCA CPU boards. Fabric Mezzanine Modules facilitate ease of system customization by using standard CPU boards and RTM’s.
Rear Transition Module
The Rear Transition Module (RTM) is an I/O extension for Advantech ATCA CPU blades. To meet serviceability, it is designed as a fully managed and hot swappable FRU. The RTM also implements Fabric Mezzanine Module to support flexible IO extension like 10GE ports, a server type graphics module or PCIe expressed based offload.
AdvancedTCA DSP Blade
Advantech’s latest DSP-based AdvancedTCA blade provides the industry’s most powerful voice and video-over-IP DSP farms in a single slot. With over 20 TI 8-core C6678 DSP’s, it is ideal for telecom infrastructure applications, including voice and video-over-packet high-density gateways, wireless media gateways, and remote access servers.