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  • White Papers
  • PC-Based Motion Control

    In conjunction with PC processing power increases over recent years, powerful motion controller plugin PC cards have become available. The combination of the two is fueling the use of hybrid, PC-based industrial motion control solutions for automation applications.
  • The Right Data is required for Good Decision Making

    The evolution and proliferation of industrial automation and IIoT devices has created a wealth of data sources. Effectively harnessing this data empowers end-users to make data-driven decisions and add value to any operation.
  • Automation Dashboard for Industrial IoT Applications

    Providing users with cross-platform, cross-browser data access and user interface based on HTML5 technology
  • Solution-Ready and Scalable Platforms Simplify Machine Vision

    Developments in scalable embedded hardware and accompanying software have advanced machine vision from a specialized inspection tool into a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective automation solution.
  • Energy Infrastructure Demands Mission Critical Networking

    Standard networking methods are acceptable for most SCADA systems but mission-critical power transmission and distribution system messaging and real-time control demands a zero-loss solution.
  • Modular Panel Platform Provides Flexibility

    When the Box PC can plug into the display as a module, users can replace or upgrade either the Box PC for the display instead of the entire Box PC/display unit.
  • Tech Trends in Machine Vision

    This White Paper will address the latest technology trends in machine vision and show how these trends are providing benefits to manufacturers worldwide. High performance hardware options are making it easier than ever to install vision systems and different networking architectures have emerged to best serve a wide variety of diverse applications. Standards are emerging to ease integration, and software is becoming easier to set up and use.
  • Industrial PCs – Making the Right Choice

    This White Paper will examine the pros and cons of various automation platform technologies to identify where an IPC offers the best fit. For many applications, this technology brings together just the right combination of characteristics to be the optimum solution for intelligent automation. Not only that, but IPCs are uniquely poised to enable the smart factory by bridging operations technology (OT) with information technology (IT) systems. We’ll start by looking at what key aspects define an industrial PC.
  • Cloud Connectivity for Industrial IoT Applications

    A hardware communication hub such as an RTU or a gateway is often the best tool to collect,
    format, and forward industrial automation system big data to the cloud.
  • Wireless Connectivity for the Internet of Things

    Learn how IoT methodologies can be used in conjunction with wireless technology to gather field data and to publish the information to those who need it most.
  • Enable Intelligent Maintenance on Cloud-based WebAccess

    The concept of “smart manufacturing” has flourished in recent years. Industry 4.0 will upgrade global industrial capabilities by increasing communication among equipment, devices, and humans via Internet connectivity. A cloud-based IIoT SCADA gateway is a system capable of supporting data storage and performing data communication from data concentrators to data consumers.
  • Advantech and EtherCAT

    Factory Automation in general and Motion Control as its most demanding sector are vital and indispensable elements in almost all industrial branches such as automotive, mechanical and semiconductor production, filling and packaging, printing and many more.