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Advantech Launches Intelligent RTU for the Oil and Gas Industry in the Era of the Internet of Things

Date: 6/8/2015 12:00:00 AM

(Taipei, Taiwan –June 2015) – The new ADAM-3600 is an intelligent RTU designed to work in the hardest environments with minimal physical contact from engineers once installed. The ADAM-3600 utilizes Advantech’s TagLink Technology, a modular wireless expansion system and wide operating temperatures.

TagLink is a new embedded technology which allows engineers to assign real meaning to the data they manage and makes them easy to maintain. It frees users from the hard work of processing the raw data and provides a unified interface for different protocol servers, which enables engineers to use C programming, Softlogic, WebAccess, SCADA software and RESTful/HTML to communicate directly with 3rd party devices. It also supports data interlock to prevent conflicting access from different applications. These features ensure that the data from ADAM-3600 can be accessed from the IoT cloud.The ADAM-3600 with two Ethernet ports and three serial (one RS-485/232 and two RS-485) ports has been designed with modularity and space saving in mind. It doesn’t require much extra space to add additional I/O, wireless, GPRS devices within small cabinets. This modular approach enables engineers to quickly and easily change the functionality of the ADAM-3600 with the need to buy expensive whole units or be concerned about space issues. Coming soon are analog digital input and output modules, relay modulesand thermocouplemodules for added functionality.

As is expected from a product designed to work in remote locations the ADAM-3600 has several features to help it withstand the rigors of the weather. Having been designed with industrial grade components, the ADAM-3600 has a wide operating temperature of between -40oC to 70oC and meets the requirements of C1D2.As well as the oil, gas and water environments the ADAM-3600 is ideal for any other remote inhospitable regions with many devices to be managed remotely. To find out more about ADAM-3600 contact your local Advantech sales representative or visit