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Improving the sampling rate of wafer production data acquisition

Date: 8/20/2013 12:00:00 AM


Project Introduction: 
In order to create even smaller devices, silicon wafers have had to greatly improve their quality. During their manufacturing process, wafer suppliers must continue to develop high-yield, simplified processes. Advanced Process Control System (APC) has been used for many years to produce a superior product at a competitive cost. As a result, accurate data collection is the key because APC technology relies on metrology applications. There are many repeated processes in the manufacture of wafers, all of which adopted fault detection and classification system (FDC) - a subsystem of APC - for the automatic detection of equipment problems and the execution of stoppages and alarms. .

System Requirements
A well-known wafer manufacturer was searching for an improved solution to its wafer polishing machine because the original sampling rate was too slow (one sample/sec), resulting in overdoing the grinding process. Replacing the machine wasn’t an option as it was still under warranty, so connecting external devices was the only possible solution to measuring the AC current of the grinding head motor without damaging the existing lines. It also needed to be able to send out the digital output signal of Normal Close (NC) to control the grinding head operation.




Wafer fabrication is tough and complicated and new processes should be designed for each stage of development and inspection to allow for quickerproduction. Advantech’s range of high quality products ensured that not only are the customer’s needs met, but also that the user can produce more items, reduce scrap and improve uptime. Since this project has been finished for about a year and has shown excellent results, Advantech is now the first choice for any future projects.


Project Implementation:

24-ch Digital Input/Output Module
Product Description


Isolated AC Current Input Module

APAX-5017 12-ch Analog Input Module
APAX-5070 Modbus/TCP Communication Coupler