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Integrated Solutions for IC Packaging Machine

Date: 2/25/2013 12:00:00 AM

Project Introduction:
High throughput and quality are always demanding in semiconductor. The output of the semiconductor manufacturing process covers a diversity of products, including: flash memory, logic chip, analog device etc. Such diversification of products needs a single machine that integrates multiple procedures and simplifies the production process to improve the processing time. The integrated machine must also provide highspeed production with the image detection to cut labor costs and reduce test error rates. his case study describes how to use the synchronous multi-axis motion control with image detection to enhance production.

System Requirements:
Comparing to the previous individual machine for single function, the modern machine has to combine with various specificfeatures to complete the multi-station work in order to meet the integration demand and high efficiency production. In addition, there is a corresponding growth of mechanism complexity and the number of motion control axes also will increase more, including the stepper motor and servo motor. With regards to this, our customer’s needs of this project are as follows:

● The industrial computer must adopt dual-core or multi-core processor to meet requirements of high-speed computin
    and shorter control cycle
● Due to the multi-process integration, the machine needs to support up to 30-axis motion control, including the steppe
       motor and servo motor
● Even though the machine has integrated many features, the limited space highlights the controller wiring issue which will
       afect the implementation time and cost as well as increasing the subsequent maintenance work
● Supports up to nearly a thousand digital points
● The inspection part requires the visual detection with the position comparison of axis control and signal trigger function
       to enable the accurate and on-the-fly image acquisition


Project Implementation:
To fulfill the above-mentioned requirements, Advantech provides two motion control solutions below for the visual identification and non-visual identification part of machine mechanism respectively.


IPC-610-H Non-visual with
Multi-axis Motion
PCA-6011 LGA775 Intel® Core™2 Quad SBC with VGA/Dual GbE LAN
PCI-1202U 2-port AMONet RS-485 PCI Master Card
AMAX-2241/PMA 4-axis AMONet RS-485 Motion Slave Module for Panasonic Minas A
AMAX-2750SY Series AMONet Digital I/O Slave Module
Visual Motion
PCI-1245/1265 4/6-axis Stepping/Servo Control Universal PCI Card
3rd Party Vision Card Video Capture Card supporting Megapixel camera
PCI-1710U 100kS/s, 12-bit, 16-ch UniversalPCI Multifunction Card


System Diagram:


System Description:
In order to meet the customers’ needs, Advantech defines the critical control area and non-critical control area by whether or not the behavior has visual identification and most of them use steppers and servo motors as multi-axis synchronous motion devices. Advantech proposes that the centralized motion control configuration cooperates with other vender’s image acquisition cards to integrate the motion and image. Meanwhile, the distributed motion control configuration provides the wire-saving advantage for the non-critical controlarea and can decrease the size of the controller. With such deployment, our customers can reduce implementationcosts, while taking into account performance issues. Centralized motion control configuration uses Advantech’s PCI-1265, a six-axis motion control cards with SoftMotion technology. In addition to providing customized functions for customer’s specific mechanisms, Advantech also offers the high-speed position comparison and signal trigger features to continuously trigger other vender’s image acquisition cards to capture the image data without stopping the motion as well as fully utilizing IPC’s dual-core processor in real time. For distributed architecture, it can provide a morestreamlined wiring implementation for multi-axis motion control. Compared to the centralized configuration, distributed configuration degrades the control card as a single communication master card, and therefore follow-up maintenance work is easier.

In connection with themotion control, Advantech not only provides centralized and distributed solutions for our customers respectively, but also defines the axis control behavior based on the practical application to deploy a cost-effective implementation. It can meet the functional requirements and create a streamlined configuration to facilitate the controller maintenance work. Due to the SoftMotion technology, Advantech’s motion control solutions can provide the customized services to enable the cooperation of mechanism and control to achieve the best performance.