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Power On and Start Developing
Advantech's MicroTCA Starter Kit takes you on the fastest path to MicroTCA evaluation and application development. When you receive your MicroTCA Starter Kit, you'll experience a straightforward out-of-the-box installation allowing you to get up and running in no time. The system comes pre-integrated with the blades described below and a bootable Linux is loaded on to the hard disk drive. The package comes with a simple startup guide for trouble-free bring-up, test and verification. You'll soon see that the Advantech MicroTCA Starter Kit makes MicroTCA development uncomplicated and fast to deploy.

Intel® Core2Duo
Processor AMC
U7500 + 1GB DDR2
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Storage AMC

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µTCA Carrier Hub
GbE switch + MCMC

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Elma Blu!Eco
µTCA Chassis 6-slots

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Product Overview
The MicroTCA Starter Kit is a comprehensive and fully integrated system platform for the evaluation of MicroTCA technology and for application development. The system is preloaded with a bootable Linux distribution to provide an easy-to-use turnkey, out-of-the-box experience to the developer. The system is based on three Advantech AMC's: the MIC-5602 with Intel® Core2 Duo U7500 CPU and 1GB DDR2 memory, the MIC-5401 storage AMC with 80GB HDD and the UTCA-5503 MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) pre-integrated and tested in an Elma Electronics blu!eco 6-slot MicroTCA system. The system incorporates a pluggable +12V / 300 W AC power supply and integrates IPMI for power switching, hot-swap functionality and fan control onto the backplane. The backplane is optimized for high-speed routing and provides a single-star topology to all slots, as well as integrated slot-to-slot links for SATA and PCI Express. One mid-size AMC slot and two full-size AMC slots are available for further expansion.
Sales Contacts and Pricing

Advantech's MicroTCA Starter Kit Program is focused on helping designers get ahead of the development curve at a price that won’t eat a hole in their budget. To benefit right away from the introductory promotional price of 1999 Euros please use the “Contact Us” button above or contact your local Advantech sales office in the Americas, Europe or South Asia-Pacific.

Ordering information
MicroTCA Starter Kit part number : ODM-CPCI9001001E-ES
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