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High-speed Wireless Solutions for Slim Type Remote Displays and Mobility Applications

Date: 3/12/2018 12:00:00 AM


There is an increasing demand for remote display systems and high-speed wireless mobility control systems, especially for slim type video displays used for surveillance on trains and buses as well as in-vehicle. Wireless communication is needed between these applications, so adapting new mobile communication infrastructures at different locations, with diverse and flexible wireless communications including 4G LTE is the right direction for this IoT application


Some outdoor advertising display companies need high speed wireless to deploy high resolution content from the cloud server to wide areas. The display type needed to be slim with excellent low power consumption. 4G LTE is more and more popular and the cost is reasonable for operators, so it is easy to deploy real-time services and high resolution content from cloud application providers.
Advantech EWM-C160/163 LTE CAT 6 + AIMB-275 Mini-ITX Motherboard are an ideal platform for high performance applications in medical devices, testing equipment, gaming machines, automation and more. The module incorporates a highly integrated 4G wireless communication module with PCIe M.2 3042 key-B interface that supports 4G LTE Cat6 TDD/FDD/WCDMA systems. The down link speed is up to 300Mbps which is double performance compared with the Cat4 solutions. Carrier aggregation ensures field side wireless throughput will be more stable as well. The module supports human body SAR functions so when the SAR sensor detects a human body, the DPR signal will be activate. As the result, the module lowers its emission power to its default threshold value, thus reducing the RF radiation exposure on the human body.  
  • 13 receiver input ports, single chip inter-band/intra-band LTE, downlink carrier aggregation.
  • 5 years product longevity.
  • Standard M.2 3042 key-B form factor.
  • LTE Advanced Cat. 6 DL speed 300Mbps, 2CA up to 40MHz

EWM-C160/163 LTE CAT 6

AIMB-275 Mini-ITX Motherboard