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Multi-wireless Connected IoT Gateway
For high performance applications, EPC-R4760 adopts Qualcomm’s APQ-8016 SoC, which integrates four ARM Cortex-A53 processor cores, Adreno 306 integrated graphic engine, and a 64-bit LPDDR2/3 memory controller for amazing computing power and an excellent user experience.
Arm Mbed Cloud Services
Sensor-to-cloud IoT centralized management is the ultimate enabler for IoT applications to scale, especially when enterprises are looking to extend their existing deployments with IoT services. Integration of Arm Mbed OS and Mbed Cloud into WISE-PaaS Marketplace will accelerate businesses focused on bringing business outcomes.
Industrial Display Systems: Brighter, Rugged and Easier to Use
Unlike the consumer market, the vertical market has very specific environmental requirements, be it sunlight readability, rugged design, or extended operating temperature. Advantech provides industrial grade display solutions for industrial applications which require a more rugged spec., longevity, and higher quality.
THIN & Fanless Embedded PCs for Passenger Information Systems
Advantech Embedded PCs (EPC-T Series) not only features a compact design under 1U in height, but is a high performance, fanless solution ideal for passenger information systems applications which usually require powerful computing, graphic engine capabilities, and compact size for space-limited installation
Industrial Motherboards for Medical Applications
Advantech Industrial Motherboards offer pioneering design with high performance powered by the latest Intel processors, verified certification including ESD level 4 protection, and multiple I/O support which makes it ideal for medical applications.
Embedded PCs for Gaming Machines
Gaming machines such as gaming tables for electronic games over table games have high demands for graphic performance and I/O expansion. Advantech EPC-B series has a low profile expansion slot for an extra graphic card enabling higher performing 3D graphics and multiple displays which is ideal for gaming machines.
Azure x EIS Rapid Deployment to the IoT Cloud
Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of pre-integrated cloud services that allows you to quickly deploy cloud infrastructures and services to meet all your business needs.
LoRa IoT Sensor Node Solutions for Smart Cities
Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology is a key element to fulfill the growing Smart City demands in environment monitoring, street lighting, parking, buildings, smart metering, and fleet management.
ARM i.MX6 Solutions with Complete Ecosystem Software Support
To make ARM integration easier and quicker, Advantech offers standardized hardware platforms with open design guidelines and relevant schematics to help you transform general hardware platforms into unique applications.
Industrial Flash and Memory Solutions for Harsh Environments
Advantech SQFlash and SQRAM series delivers highly reliable and extremely durable industrial storage and memory modules for harsh environments across various sectors, including the military and aerospace, railway, and in-vehicle fields. Our high-performance and large-capacity products are designed to meet the critical requirements with a range
Smart Web-based Digital Signage Solutions
Digital signage has proven itself as an effective and efficient way for increased engagement, brand awareness, and sales revenue. Running a digital signage network of any scale usually requires the use of complex and expensive hardware and software. Advantech smart cloud-based signage provides turnkey solutions which combine reliable signage
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Advantech provides in-vehicle, rolling stock fanless systems with unique designs for applications in the transportation industry. These products feature in-vehicle/rolling stock certifications (eMark/EN50155), high extension capability for communication interfaces, wireless 3G/LTE and GPS communication support, and rugged, wide temp.
Integrated Automation Systems
In the IoT era, industrial automation has gradually become sufficiently reliable to serve as an effective part of the production process. With Advantech embedded IoT system solutions, the production line can be automated with robotic machine control as well as visual inspection and support data visualization through our software service.
WISE-PaaS Marketplace
Your online software store featuring Advantech’s most exclusive software services- IoT cloud services integrated with Microsoft® and Arm® mbed™, IoT security services powered by Intel® Security and Acronis®, ready-to-order WISE-PaaS IoT software services, and solution packages pre-packaged into Advantech Edge Intelligenc
Advantech Edge Intelligence Server: Building Up Edge-to-Cloud Applications with Integrated Hardware plus Software
Advantech Edge Intelligence Server accelerates IoT implementation by providing integrated solutions with edge computer, WISE-PaaS software packages, IoT development tools, pre-configured cloud services, plus the flexibility to add on more software modules from the WISE-PaaS marketplace that enable IoT connectivity, data manageability and analytics in the edge.
IoT Developer Fourm : Real-time, online platform for sharing IoT technology news
The IoT Developer Forum is a real-time, online platform for sharing IoT technology news and posting questions. Discuss a variety of development topics, from getting started, to working with the latest software and IoT technologies.
10-minute Startup for Your ARM Project
Designed to assist developers get up and running quickly on ARM-based platforms and applications. Advantech Industrial ARM starter kit is a complete package that includes the basic components necessary to quickly start development on ARM architectures.
Speed up Your Wireless IoT Sensor Applications with M2.COM Starter Kit
To assist developers to quickly connect sensor to cloud, Advantech WISE-DK1520 sensor node starter kit provides a complete solution covering certified wireless hardware, SDK tool, WISE-PaaS cloud platform.
Expand Your Business with Microsoft IoT Solution
Microsoft and Advantech are ready to serve you with our total solutions for the IoT era. We are pleased to announce our support of the newly released Microsoft IoT Solution with Microsoft Azure cloud services. With Microsoft Azure, your business can be transformed quickly and easily, connecting intelligent devices, activating sorted data in the cloud and enjoying fast, customized analytic tools with Azure.
Secured Gaming Solutions for Regulated Casino Markets
Advantech-Innocore has a great deal of experience supplying to the gaming vertical market for over 15 years. Advantech-Innocore range of industrial computer boards and systems for gaming support Intel core and AMD specifically designed for casino slot games, multiplayer games, electronic gaming machines, Class II, VLT, AWP and video slot machines.