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Wireless Sensor Network

ATM Solution Powered by Intel® Active Management Technology Courtesy of Advantech DTOS

Date: 8/30/2013 12:00:00 AM

One of the most common industrial applications in use today is the automated teller machine   (ATM). ATMs are found in every corner of the globe, part of a vast financial eco-system, and they are built upon an embedded motherboard that manages a variety of mechanical and controller devices. There is significant outsource demand filled by ATM service providers who are called on to deliver integrated solutions that focus on efficiency, quality, and security.




Customer Background
A world-class ATM manufacturer and dedicated, total financial services provider, with $7.3 billion US dollars in sales revenue (2011), was looking to partner with an industry leader in industrial motherboard manufacturing. The ATM manufacturer specializesin delivering ATM technologies, hardware, and software as total solution packages. With nearly 30 years of experience, they serve customers in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. They've deployed some 200,000 ATMs worldwide, featuring leading-edge technology and complying with global standards ensuring a balanced approach to efficiency, convenience, and security. As one of the leading global ATM total solution providers, they strategically pursue growth in new markets around the world, and have already gained significant market share in the US market.


Application Requirements
The ATM manufacturer is known for developing quality-driven solutions, that offer a highly competitive total cost of ownership. As they defined their application needs, they came up with an outline of the attributes their potential partner needed to have to help them grow their financial self-service technology. The list included:


• Hardware or firmware level remote management functions to enable client management and recovery from such things as power outages or a corrupt BIOS/OS.


• Seamless revision control, which maintains the entire BOM to the same level as earlier approved versions, including passive component changes (resisters/ capacitors), and requires an additional approval process before EC implementation.


• Quality levels require a full examination by supplier engineers dispatched to the customer's plant, or 100% return of goods if customer's QC NG rate exceeds 1% upon warehousing.


DTOS Solution
In the end, the Advantech DTOS (Design To Order Service) support team was selected to partner with the ATM manufacturer. DTOS allows customers to focus their resources on their own market development, maximizing their investment, and shortening lead time to deployment. In a highly competitive market, this works to everyone's advantage.


DTOS came up with a solution that met the needs of the ATM manufacturer and they applied it to a project in Korea. The solution, the first of its kind in the industry, began with an Intel® Q965 motherboard with an Intel® AMT 2.0 -ready motherboard. The dedicated DTOS service team gave the ATM manufacturer the support of Advantech's global service network (HQ and local office), delivering BIOS, DQA, SI, QA, and FAE, all in a timely, experienced fashion.


Benefits to DTOS Customer
1. Intel® Active Management Technology 2.0
This is the first major project solution in Korea utilizing Intel® iAMT 2.0 functions in an ATM application. The project exemplifies the power of Intel® iAMT 2.0 technology giving the customer hardware-based remote management, security, power-management, andremote-configuration capabilities over the ATM network. The customer was very satisfied with the completed solution. Intel was also very proud of the project and featured the story prominently on their website and in embedded seminars to showcase the benefits and achievement of their active management technology.


2.Speedy Time-to-Market
Advantech's Modular Board Design Service (MBDS) creates workflows which are fast and flexible and reduce overall time-to-market. Fewer working hours on product development and validation tests are required for brand new projects, giving customers a distinct competitive advantage.


3.Trusted Quality
Advantech has developed a comprehensive approval process and verification team to ensure top quality throughout its entire product lineup. All industrial motherboards are backed by Advantech's strict selection and approval process—so quality is assured.