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Windows Embedded Classic OS
Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro
Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro delivers the full power of the Windows 8.1 operating system in a version designed specifically for industry devices within intelligent systems. Gain improvements in power management, connectivity, and enterprise integration with a Windows 8.1-based intelli-gent system that advances business growth.
Windows 7 for Embedded Systems
Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems
Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems operating system provides infrastructure improvements that enable you to spend less time on the day-to-day maintenance of embedded devices and more time adding value to applications. Build in a familiar environment while improving existing or creating new embedded devices.

Windows 7 Ultimate for Embedded Systems
Windows 7 Ultimate for Embedded Systems provides new levels of protection against theft of important business data stored on the embedded device and access to multilanguage support. All the features found in Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems are also found in Windows 7 Ultimate for Embedded Systems.
Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems
This operating system is appropriate for devices that have a strict need for Windows XP Professional application compatibility and where reduced footprint is not a primary design requirement. Unlike Windows XP Embedded, Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems is not a componentized version of the Windows operating system and an OEM Preinstallation Kit is needed to produce the operating system image. Therefore, the operating system image size is not as customizable.
Windows 2000 and Windows NT Workstation for Embedded Systems
These operating systems are good choices for more complex legacy applications that involve limited multitasking. Windows 2000 Available till March 31, 2015 and Windows NT available till July 29, 2011
MS-DOS for Embedded Systems
MS-DOS is a cost-effective solution for simple legacy applications. Available as a ROM-based or disk-based operating system, MS-DOS has minimal resource requirements and is ideal for small, mobile applications and those that do not need a user interface.