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【Taxi】Intelligent Taxi Dispatch and Fleet Management Solution

Date: 3/7/2016 12:00:00 AM
Intelligent Taxi Dispatch and Fleet Management Solution


Managing a taxi fleet of numerous vehicles that are geographically dispersed throughout a city can be extremely challenging. The back-end control center must consolidate dispatch, billing, and real-time location information to enable customer service staff to provide customers with accurate estimated arrival times. High competition, lengthy dispatch process, driving safety, and service quality are key factors that affect the operational efficiency of taxi services and passenger numbers. To better manage vehicle fleets, specialized fleet management systems with accurate GPS technology for vehicle positioning and route optimization, as well as wireless communication capabilities for real-time communication, data transmissions, and over-the-air updates are essential. Fleet managers also require systems that automatically collect vehicle diagnostics data and enable real-time remote driver behavior management to facilitate the overall improvement of operational productivity and customer satisfaction.


Intelligent Taxi Dispatch diagram


Advantech’s TREK-733L mobile data terminal is specifically designed to provide an in-vehicle solution for taxi fleet management. In addition to the most precise GPS technology available on the market that can drastically improve dispatch times and route optimization for potential fuel savings of up to 17%, TREK-733L features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 b/g/n, WLAN, and LTE/HSPA+ capabilities that enable high-speed data transfers for real-time communication, cloud-based booking and dispatch, and driver behavior management. A built-in backup battery pack (3.6 V,2400 mAh) protects against unexpected system shutdowns and data losses resulting from power fluctuations or low vehicle voltage, and allows the control center to remotely access the terminal to retrieve vehicle data in emergency situations or for liability litigation.

To enhance driving safety, the terminal’s two video input ports can be connected to a panic alarm button and analog cameras for real-time vehicle rear view or in-vehicle driver and passenger monitoring.
Finally, TREK-733L can also serve as an infotainment display and Wi-Fi hotspot and be integrated with diverse peripheral systems, such as a smart/credit card reader or tire pressure monitoring system, for advanced applications that automate and streamline taxi operations to improve the overall service and productivity.


For System Integrators:

  • MRM SDK streamlines software development 
  • Android platform facilitates software development
  • Application-ready package for rapid installation

For Fleet Owners and Drivers:

  • Enable real-time driver behavior management
  • Enhance operational efficiency 
  1. Average dispatch time reduced from 46s to 20s
  2. Work hours reduced by up to 20%
  3. Route optimization with GPS, reduces fuel costs by up to 17%
▪ Revenue growth
  1. Passenger numbers increased by up to 28%
  2. Digital advertisements revenue increase