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Cutting Edge Local Fleet Management

Date: 1/14/2013 12:00:00 AM
When it comes to fleet management, Advantech-DLoG is proud to play a role in advancing safety, efficiency, and profitability. One notable example is the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) that helps manage moving fleet assets. With built-in GPS, CDMA/GPRS/HSPA+, the MDT keeps drivers and dispatchers in close communication. And depending on sensor outfitting, the Advantech-DLoG MDT can track everything from mileage, routing, speed, and acceleration, to braking, oil pressure, and fuel consumption. An important additional function is the logging of driver duty and rest hours to help maintain compliance with safety and hours-of-service regulations. The TREK-722/723 ARM base MDT can be mated with a software solution that takes virtually all the drudgery out of tedious logging and tracking, enabling well-informed management for even the most complex fleet operations.



TREK-722/723 is a RISC platform with 5"/7" all-in-one MDT. The radio frequency options and programmable function keys make TREK-722/723 suitable for local fleet management, especially small truck, local delivery, government fleets and taxis. It is designed to be power compliant with ISO7637-2 & SAE J1113 standards, ensuring the system is stable in a dirty power system. In cold applications, it is important to monitor temperature during foodtransportation. When the driver is out of thevehicle or off-duty, a fleet owner doesn't normally have access to the status of fleet assets and vehicles. But, with the suspend/wakeup feature of TREK-722/723, 24/7 monitoring mechanisms are supported via periodic, digital input or WWAN wakeup. The fleet owner can monitor vehicle and cargo on a daily, weekly, or specific time basis. If a driver or a thief opens a vehicle door when it is left unattended an event is triggered by the door sensor to inform a center operator responsible for asset security. Furthermore, the operator can remotely wakeup the TREK-722/723 via SMS to have access to vehicle data.

•Advantech-DLoG’s mobile data terminal computing is a highly integrated solution for fleet management applications. The system integrator benefits from Advantech-DLoG MDT’s reduced software development needs, which means faster time to market.
•Improved efficiency for fleet managers and route planners
•Enhanced driver productivity and efficiency
•Well-rested drivers operating well-maintained equipment help keep highways safe for everyone
•Real-time communications and information delivered to driver and the central office
•Collected data can be marketed for additional income (e.g. : Some fleet owners sell up-to-date temperature and route condition information to other businesses.)