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Keeping CompactPCI at the Core of
Mission Critical Operations

Paul Stevens
Advantech NCG Marketing Director
Since its inception back in the mid 1990's, CompactPCI has been granted responsibility for some of the most mission critical applications on the planet. It can be found at the nerve-centre of the world's most hi-tech trains, at the core of the telecommunication network, switching calls and providing critical signaling information in essential core network elements. In both its commercial and ruggedized form, CompactPCI controls industrial and chemical plants, while in the military arena it is employed for battle coordination, managing vital communications and command functionality.

Many top tier equipment providers have been deploying Advantech CompactPCI platforms within systems like these; systems upon which the world’s networking infrastructure still relies, and upon which chemical plants and power stations depend for the safe and secure continuation of their processes. ....................................................................................

Product Upgrade Examples in Telecom, Medical, Power & Energy
Advantech Extends CompactPCI Product Lifecycles Through 3 Generations
Approximately 10 years ago one of the world’s leading telecommunications and network
equipment OEMs developed a highly successful next generation softswitch architecture.
Extensively adopted by a wide array of carriers around the world, the associated platforms and
network elements carried a significant volume of calls each and every  .........

Softswitch with CompactPCI
Since VoIP telephony and all the associated services first hit the market, forecasts have been
bullish. Looking back, some of the forecasts were way underestimated and over the last few
years, adoption has grown beyond expectations. Back around the 2004 timeframe, most
estimates placed the North American VoIP subscriber base forecast  ...........

Improved Medical Imaging Performance and Increased Longevity with
Advantech CompactPCI Upgrade

It’s been more than 35 years since Dr. Raymond Damadian, a physician and scientist, scanned
one of his students in what turned out to be the first ever MRI body scan on a human being. It
took almost five hours to produce one image, and that original machine  ......

CompactPCI Keeps Power & Energy Flowing - Toward a Smarter Grid
The world’s electricity system is undergoing profound changes for a number of reasons:
among them the sharp rise in electricity consumption due to new uses, the increase in
producers connected to the network due to the liberalization of the electricity market, and the
integration of intermittent renewable energy sources due to new  ...................
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