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RAID Offers Accelerated Performance, Data Protection & Cost-Effective Redundancy Solutions

Importance or RAID

With an ever-growing demand for increased data throughput and scalability requirements, customers face nonstop pressure to accommodate more users and more traffic with tightening budgets. Although nowadays some components like CPUs, networking cards, and hard disks offer a relatively straightforward upgrade path, these advances mean little if the rate at which I/O operations can be performed doesn’t keep pace. Meanwhile, changing hard disk drives (HDDs) to solid state drives (SSDs) can alleviate many of these problems, but at a dramatically increased cost. 

As a cost-effective as well as high-performance solution provider, Advantech cooperates with Tier 1 raid card manufacturers, Microsemi and Broadcom, to supply Hybrid RAID products (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) to allow customers to tailor storage solutions for their unique business needs. Hybrid RAID is a redundant storage solution that combines high-capacity, low-cost SATA or higher performance SAS HDDs with low-latency, high-IOPs SSDs, and SSD-aware RAID adapter cards asshown in the following illustration.

Industrial Applications

Identifying the demand for cost-effective storage solutions with critical data protection, Advantech offers a wide range of iStorage Solutions (1U~4U) with fault-tolerance capability. Hardware RAID is available with online expansion capability (expanding capacity without powering down the server) for diverse industrial applications, such as surveillance, railway solutions, virtual desktop infrastructures, databases, networking security, and broadcasting. Advantech provides exceptional systems by seamlessly integrating RAID with motherboards, external disk arrays, and storage servers to fully match customers’ enterprise requirements.

Case Study

An international infrastructure solution provider applied Advantech’s HPC-8212 storage chassis embedded with the 96RC-SAS-8P-PE-LS4 (9361-8i) RAID card in a RAID 6 configuration with surveillance cameras and sensors for a food manufacturing application. The system was used for monitoring and controlling inbound and outbound transportation, staff management, and material traceability.

RAID Card Features

  • Reliable, trusted I/O connectivity with RAID data protection for critical applications.
  • High performance 12 Gbps and cost-effective 6 Gbps compatibility with HDD or SSD SAS/SATA devices.
  • Broad interoperability with server and storage infrastructure to ease integration.
  • Advanced optional features including flash cache protection and self-encrypting drive management.   

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