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Multi-media Retail Kiosks
Multimedia kiosks have been widely used in many public places due to their accessibility and potential to deliver 24/7 service to large numbers of people. An important aspect of this kiosk enclosure was to promote brand recognition, so the system integrators designed and created a unique ID. Advantech IDS-3115, together with industrial motherboard AIMB-252, connected via VGA interface more than satisfied all the customer’s requirements. IDS-3115 provides 15" XGA,1200-nit LED panel with excellent sunlight readability. Its bezel-less and open-frame architecture allows for customized face plate design and can easily be rear mounted into an enclosure. Its ultra slim and light-weight design also provides efficient installation. Finally, a Projected Capacitive Touch solution was applied to bring quick and instant touch response and excellent user feedback experience.

IDS-3100 Series
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Electrical Vehicle Charging Systems Application
Electrical vehicle charging stations need to be installed in busy outdoor locations which are exposed directly to bright sunlight. Clear visibility under strong sunlight is clearly an essential prerequisite, so Advantech's IDK-2108, 8.4" 1200-nit LCD kit, together with a wide temperature range single board computer—MIO-2261, provided System Integrators with a highly integrated solution. The 1200-nit high brightness display makes IDK-2108 visible even under strong ambient light. IDK-2108's wide temperature operation of -20° C ~ 70° C and its low power consumption of just 5.35W make the device able to withstand all kinds of outdoor environmental conditions and guarantees 24/7 operation. What's more, Advantech also provided compatible LVDS and backlight cables so customers saved time on cable customization which allowed them to just focus on their application development.

IDK-2000 Series
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Digital Menu Board Application
The digital menu board market is booming since it allows restaurants to display dynamic menus, advertise specials, and deliver highly targeted messages. To fit into small installation spaces, Advantech provides an alternative - DSD-5038 38" (16:4.5) stretched signage display. The 16:4.5 of super wide ratio perfectly fits restricted spaces. Compared to plain billboards or posters, DSD-5038 supports animated multimedia content, real-time message delivery, and smart remote configuration features. DSD-5038 is fully integrated with ARK-DS762 digital signage player providing a total solution. The long life LED backlight allows 50,000 hours of operation, as well as saving up to 50% less power consumption—making it ideal for both performance and energy-saving applications.

DSD-5000 Series
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Control and Monitoring Systems
The customer was looking for a stable and cost effective display solution for their control and monitoring system in the factory. The system needed to operate up to 24 hours per day in high temperature (usually over 50°C) in-door environments. Advantech IDS-3215, 15” panel mount monitor and ARK-3403 perfectly met the customer's needs. IDS-3215’s strengthened metal front frame and -20~60°C wide-range operating temperature makes it work stably and reliably in the harsh environment. Integrated with resistive touchscreen, IDS-3215 provides high resistance to dust and water and allows operation even with wearing gloves. Yet, IDS-3215’s cost competitive advantage and long term availability makes it a suitable solution for machine automation applications.

IDS-3200 Series
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Industrial LCD Panels
IDK-1000 Series
  1. 5.7"~21.5" size options
  2. 200~450 nits brightness
  3. Wide temperature support
  4. Resistive/Projected Capacitive
    Touch solutions
  5. LVDS signal interface
Ultra High Brightness LCD Panels
IDK-2000 Series
  1. 8.4”~31.5” size options
  2. 1200 nits high brightness
  3. Wide temperature support
  4. Sunlight readable
  5. LVDS signal interface
Slim Open Frame Monitors
IDS-3100 Series
  1. 6.5”~19” size options
  2. Wide temperature support
  3. Resistive touchscreen
  4. Dual VGA/DVI interfaces
  5. Rear/ VESA mount solutions
Panel Mount Monitors
IDS-3100 Series
  1. 10", 15" size options
  2. Wide temperature support
  3. Resistive touchscreen
  4. Dual VGA/DVI interfaces
  5. Front / VESA mount solutions
Stretched Signage Displays
DSD-5000 Series
Coming Soon
  1. 28”(16:3), and 38” (16:4.5) size options
  2. High brightness of 700 and 800 nits
  3. Dual VGA/DVI interfaces
  4. Wall mount solution of 200 x 100 mm
Customize Your Display
In addition to standard products, Advantech also provides customized solutions to better fit your application with local technical support:
Versatile LCD Size
All sizes from 5.7" to 55" for small and large projects
Optical Enhancement
  1. Optical Bonding
  2. AR Coating
  3. rightness Enhancement
Touchscreen Integration
  1. Resistive Touch
  2. Capacitive Touch
  3. Projected Capacitive Touch
Sunlight Readable
  1. High Brightness
  2. AR Film Lamination