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Advantech Interactive Computers Engage Exercisers with Entertaining Experience
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Integrated Functions
More Applied Scenarios
Fitness Check-In & Interactive Signage
Fitness Check-In & Interactive Signage
dot Member check-in System dot Lobby Interactive Signage
dot Loyalty Member Redemption
Hit as Fitness On-top Slim Console
HIT as Fitness On-top Slim Console
dot Entertainment Console On-top of Treadmill & Cardio
dot Personal Smart Trainer
Fitness Center Room Temperature Control
Fitness Center Room Temperature Control
dot Temperature Monitoring & Control in Fitness Center
dot In Wall Scenario Control & Signage
Fitness Gym's Digital Engagement Solution
dot Serve hundreds of pre-recoded fitness videos
dot Full HD touchscreen, speakers and camera transforming video-based fitness into a lifestyle experience
dot Enjoy social networking and share workout status online.
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