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Advantech WebAccess is a 100% web-based HMI/SCADA software with excellent networking capability. It is also a HTML5 Business Intelligent Dashboard which can be viewed from anywhere on any HTML5 compatible browser and provides developers with the tools to design their own widgets without programing. WebAccess 8.1 has an integrated video system which can be used to perform real time monitoring, track video playback and check video with alarm mechanism and SignalR open interface that is used to push data to the dashboard from the WebAccess core the moment that changes on the system occur, thereby speeding up the time it takes to respond to an issue.
HTML5 based graphical interface allows the creation of customized widgets without programming.
Users can easily copy Dashboard projects or graphics pages for use in other projects.
It provids Real-time Video, Video playback and alarm management to track event based video from IVS (Intelligent Video Software) database
Users can easily integrate this interface with 3rd party applications which activates push-based data for efficient data acquisition

Advantech WebAccess provides powerful SCADA management functions including Advanced Alarm Management
Scheduler, Historical and Real-Tine Trends, Demand Control and Database Maintenance. WebAccess can also meet
users’ needs in focused vertical markets. Get more information http://webaccess.advantech.com/

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